Town of Bridgewater

Reserving Facilities

This page was updated on April 26, 2016

Park Shelters

Shelter reservations are offered on a first-come, first serve basis, free of charge. Reservations are not required but it will guarantee the availibility of the shelter. Please call the Town at 908-4212 between 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday to reserve a shelter.

Oakdale Park

The Town has three park shelters at Oakdale Park and one shelter at Wildwood Park. For larger parties such as family reunions, Oakdale has Shelter #3 with 16 tables and attached restroom facilities. The two other shelters accommodate smaller parties with 10 tables each. All three shelters have free-standing grills, lights, and electrical outlets.

Oakdale Park Shelter No. 1Oakdale Park Shelter No. 2Oakdale Park Shelter No. 3

Wildwood Park 

Wildwood Park has one lighted shelter with a stone fireplace inside the shelter. Ten tables are available as well as a free-standing grill, electrical outlets, near-by restroom facilities, a playground and a view of scenic North River.

Wildwood Park Shelter

Doug Will Tennis Center

Doug Will Tennis Center

The Doug Will Tennis Center, located in Harrison Park, is an indoor tennis facility with two hard surface courts. This facility is available to Town of Bridgewater residents or individuals who own real estate within the Town for an initial fee of $10 for a key-card. All other individuals must pay a fee either annually, monthly or hourly. For more information on the fee structure and rules see the Doug Will Tennis Center Rules.

All tennis players are afforded access to the facility through a card-key entry system. Card-keys can be obtained at the Town Treasurer's office, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Court time reservations are not required, but can be made by first looking at this calender for availability and then by requesting time by following this link

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